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YourSEOGeeks  is excited to be the newest SEO firm in Texas. We bring with us more than a decade of experience in formulating successful SEO strategies and marketing campaigns for hundreds of clients – and we would love to do the same for your brand. We have digital marketing strategies for brands of all sizes and offer competitive rates on all our services.

YourSEOGeeks  is the most recent expansion of our parent company Digital Presence Solutions – based in Sydney, Australia. As part of our emergence onto the US market, YourSEOGeeks is pleased to announce we have set up operations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and have already had the pleasure of working with Texas clients. We look forward to expanding our operations and bringing more US clients on board with our marketing team.

Overseeing our Texas SEO agency is Peter Reed. Peter is a Dallas/Fort Worth area resident who understands the marketing needs of local – and national – brands. Peter is YourSEOGeeks ‘s first point of contact with clients and works diligently with them to create customized marketing strategies based on their marketing goals. Aside from being certified in search engine optimization, Peter also has a business management background, which allows him to better relate to business owners’ needs and what having a successful brand entails. To find out more about Peter and his background in the SEO industry, visit his LinkedIn profile.

Louie Ramos is the General Manager of Digital Presence Solutions’ operations – including YourSEOGeeks . Louie has ten+ years experience in the online marketing industry and a strong background in IT. Using this unique combination of skills, Louie has helped rank hundreds of keywords in the top spots of all the major search engines as part of his SEO efforts for clients. Louie has also been featured in ‘The Adviser’ magazine, where he provided insight into the world of SEO and has also written several case studies documenting the success of some of his marketing campaigns in real time. To find out more about Louie, visit his LinkedIn profile.

SEO is a fluid industry that demands a flexible, yet proven strategy for keeping up with its evolution. YourSEOGeeks ‘s team of marketing professionals works tirelessly to stay abreast of the latest developments in the world of online marketing to bring new and innovative strategies to our clients to give them a competitive edge. We not only value input from our clients; we believe it is vital to the creative process.

Whether you already have a SEO strategy in place and you are looking for ways to improve it or you need a complete marketing campaign created from the ground up – the digital marketing experts at YourSEOGeeks  can help.

Even though YourSEOGeeks is a new SEO agency in Texas, our team of digital marketing experts are, in no way, new to the industry. In fact, our digital marketing team has already hit the ground running in Texas and begun work on SEO campaigns for clients in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Our parent company Digital Presence Solutions in Australia has helped hundreds of brands of all sizes exceed their marketing goals. Our clients have consistently outranked their competitors in the major search engines and continue to see the benefits of our comprehensive digital marketing strategies long after they are launched.

Our results should speak for themselves and we believe that they do. Our marketing strategists have compiled several case studies to document our results so that potential clients can rest easy knowing they made the right decision in choosing YourSEOGeeks as their digital marketing firm.

Any SEO agency can promise results, but very few of them can deliver. At YourSEOGeeks, we are committed to helping your brand achieve the results it needs to put you ahead of your competitors. We use proven strategies that have worked and continue to work for hundreds of clients. We know what it takes to succeed in this highly competitive online environment and our goal is to ensure that your brand does just that.

To find out more about YourSEOGeeks, who we are, what we do and the types of services we offer, feel free to explore our website further and contact us with any questions you may have about kick-starting your digital marketing strategy today.

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